Bao Ngoc Aerobic strives to mobilize the Aerobic movement in Vietnam

Aerobic subject is currently very popular in Vietnam. Bao Ngoc Aerobic is proud to be the pioneer team, and at the same time the extinguishing brand that promotes the local Aerobic room.

Highlight the movement to bring Aerobic to the village streets.

Bao Ngoc Aerobic and his team of excellent experience characters have made exchanges in each locality, to give more motivation to exercise for women across the country. During each trip, they not only bring professional knowledge and exercises, but also share them with the sisters in those places, fueling the fire of enthusiasm and passion, constantly spreading. spread to everyone.


Not stopping at exchanges, Bao Ngoc also opened 0-dong classes all over the country, helping women to be exposed to a professional training environment, regaining shape for many women who still have low self-esteem. “heavy” form.

Make a strong impression with Gala Aerobic – Summer is back

Recently, the name Bao Ngoc Aerobic has once again made a strong impression on women all over the country with the event Aerobic – Summer is back. The event gathered more than 2000 live attendees and nearly 1.3 million followers on livestream and Youtube.

Bao Ngoc has created a big playground for all women who love aerobics, where women from all over the country can exchange and share knowledge and experiences together.

Realizing the dream after nearly 2 years of prolonged epidemic, Aerobic lovers in general and Bao Ngoc in particular have created a very exciting and passionate summer with smiles and tears. All of that leaves a beautiful memory, an unforgettable memory in everyone’s heart.

Photos from Gala Aerobic event – ​​Summer is back
Photos from Gala Aerobic event – ​​Summer is back

Also through the event, Bao Ngoc Aerobic brought Aerobic to a new level, built a strong Viet Nam Aerobic community, and brought the sport closer to more women. Taking another big step towards the goal of “bringing Aerobic to village roads and alleys”.

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