Bao Ngoc Aerobic, known as a million-view coach, star coach. Despite her young age, she is one of the prominent faces of the Aerobic village in Vietnam, because of her dedication to the profession.

Bao Ngoc Aerobic
Bao Ngoc Aerobic

Charming with Aerobic

Before becoming a much-loved name with a high following, Bao Ngoc used to be very self-conscious about her weight. Those are the reasons that make her constantly looking for ways to change. And Aerobic is her choice.
After only a short time, the weight improved from 70kg to 46kg, further reinforcing her love for Aerobic. Just like that, she went to work in the morning, and in the evening she received free Aerobic lessons to fuel the Aerobic flame to all localities.

CEO Bao Ngoc Aerobic: Nguyen Tran Bao Ngoc
CEO Bao Ngoc Aerobic: Nguyen Tran Bao Ngoc

The dream of “bringing Aerobic to the village road”

Bao Ngoc has a remarkable academic record, specifically for 12 consecutive years she is a good student, going to the University to become the valedictorian in the field of Event Directing, Faculty of Literature Management, Hanoi University of Culture. Cabinet (2014); Graduated beyond the deadline (3 and a half years) with Excellence and won the valedictorian at the Hanoi University of Culture (2017).
Because of that, right after graduating from school, Bao Ngoc was specially recruited to be a civil servant at the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism with the meritocratic policy of Bac Giang province. However, after a period of sticking to the desk job, she felt that she did not want her youth to pass away so quietly.
Finally, she decided to give up her administrative job to focus on pursuing her passion for Aerobic.

Giving up administrative work to pursue an open dream with aerobics
Giving up administrative work to pursue an open dream with aerobics

In just 4 years (from 2018 to now), she has opened many gyms, focusing on promoting aerobic movement. At the same time, she also implemented many projects to spread aerobics in the community such as: Building a national gym for 0 dong, bringing aerobics to the village and alley, sponsoring the cost of opening gyms for localities. difficult conditions.

Building a strong Vietnamese Aerobic community

Thanks to spreading the spirit of Aerobic passion to many localities, she has hundreds of thousands of followers on her personal page. Any article of 9X is also responded and shared by the community.

Bao Ngoc Aerobic’s official fanpage is Aerobic Vietnam and Bao Ngoc Aerobic has garnered more than 250,000 followers, and 1.3 million followers. Got over 18 million views in just 28 days. With the continuous support of the aerobic loving community.
Let’s join hands to create a strong community, for the goal of helping all women get back in shape – regain confidence and improve health.

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